595 reviews of New China


Dave - 27 May 2020


Michael - 27 May 2020

Delicious , as always Thanks so much

Matthew - 26 May 2020


Craig - 22 May 2020


Richard - 22 May 2020

Food was hot and for the most part tasty but beef was impossible to eat as too chewy and tough and prawn toast and chicken ball were way over cooked. We spent 55 quid wasn't worth it.

Shirley - 22 May 2020


Natasha - 21 May 2020


Iga - 21 May 2020

great food

Matthew - 20 May 2020

Over cooked and greasy. Had mixed orderves, the ribs were over done, dry and crispy, pretty tough. Prawn crackers again over done, full of grease, chicken satay was more like a curry sauce from the chip shop. Had lemon chicken and chow mein for main meal. Again so incredibly greasy. Left a strange texture and after taste in my mouth. Lay really heavy in my stomach. Must have been really salty, as incredibly dehydrated this morning. Left overs are in the bin.

Sarra - 16 May 2020


Anifa - 04 Apr 2020

Lovely as always

Andrew - 20 Mar 2020


Samantha - 10 Mar 2020

This meal was appauling, the meat was awful very stringy and looked like it was chewed up and spat out. Myself and partner could not eat it and threw it away. I will never order again. Ive only given a star each because I have to otherwise I would not have given any.

Rachael - 08 Mar 2020

Quick delivery and delicious food as always!

Josh - 08 Mar 2020

Got lemon chicken instead of kung p.o. chicken

Caroline - 28 Feb 2020

Very Good

Antonio - 27 Feb 2020

Little over done this time but bormally really good

Charlie - 23 Feb 2020

Lovely and very quick

Abigail - 23 Feb 2020

Great food and quick delivery

Vicki - 20 Feb 2020


Marcus - 15 Feb 2020


Matthew - 15 Feb 2020

Was late .. some was slightly over cooked other parts was under, received wrong items phoned up and never received original order even though they said theyd send out, think Ill try somewhere else from now on

Roxanne - 14 Feb 2020


Jenna - 14 Feb 2020


Marcus - 14 Feb 2020

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